Project Profile


New corporate offices comprising over 35000 square feet of interior refurbishment and expansion for an internet recruitment company in a downtown Toronto mid rise building. The project goal was to create an open, inviting, interactive and fun workspace, incorporating sustainable design and construction strategies to reduce the company’s environmental footprint and improve the quality of the workplace for their staff.

Workopolis, Canada’s leading Internet Recruitment Company and named one of “I Love Rewards’ 50 Most Engaged Workplaces™”

Green Reason’s Role:
Project managers and LEED® Consultants for the Project Team. The team included the client, mechanical and electrical engineering consultants and interior designers.

What Was Done
As Project Managers and LEED Consultants, Green Reason’s goal for the project was to ensure that the refurbishment was completed to LEED Silver standards for the sustainable building interior without increasing the pre-approved budget and schedule or altering or compromising the client’s requirements for an open, fun and inclusive work space. The goal of the Project Team was to create a space that provided a perfect blend of functionality and serenity; and that aided productivity while adding to employee comfort and wellness. The design included a new lunchroom, servery, open office space, enclosed internal offices, various sizes of meeting rooms, a new reception area and for recreational breaks, a ping pong and games room.

The following was accomplished:

  • A bright open and fun work space
  • Increased energy efficiency
  • Reduced operational costs
  • Reduced construction waste
  • Reuse of materials and equipment
  • An education program that inspires staff and visiting clients to promote green design and products.
  • Meters for water, natural gas and electricity were installed to facilitate future energy monitoring and reduction.
  • Lighting power density was reduced by 37% below the ASHRAE standard 90.1-2004 for office spaces.
  • Occupancy lighting sensors at work stations, offices, meeting rooms, corridors, washrooms and lunch rooms further reduce energy for lighting.
  • New office equipment and appliances are Energy Star certified. Most relocated equipment is also Energy Star rated.
  • An enhanced commissioning program ensured that all systems were designed, installed and tested to meet the owner’s performance requirements (OPR).
  • Operating personnel were trained on efficient use of newly installed equipment.
  • A recycling program was integrated throughout the suite that provides staff with easily accessible bins for paper, mixed recycling and organics.
  • A construction waste management plan was implemented which diverted 69% waste material from landfill, including metal, drywall, cardboard and wood, which instead were sent to specific recycling facilities.
  • Approximately 24% of the construction materials budget was dedicated to materials with recycled content.
  • Locally manufactured materials made up over 60% of the construction material budget and regionally extracted materials made up 29% of the construction material budget.
  • Pre-owned and reused furniture comprised almost 70% of the total furniture budget.
  • To ensure a high level of indoor air quality, only low-VOC paints, primers, adhesives and no-added urea-formaldehyde wood products were used during construction.
  • Carbon dioxide sensors were installed in high density areas such as training rooms, high occupancy meeting rooms and open workstation areas to activate exhaust fans and provide feedback to and building operations.

Results speak for themselves
During early design programming meetings, Workopolis noted that they rarely invited clients to their offices; however, following the positive feedback they received about the new space they now host an increasing number of meetings on site and promote the sustainable features of the space to their guests through tours and internal signage. The project was awarded LEED® Canada-CI Silver Certification from the Canada Green Building Council in recognition of its sustainable design and construction achievements.

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