Green Buildings Should Be A Major Focus Of Canada’s Economic Recovery

Why Green Buildings Should Be A Major Focus Of Canada’s Economic Recovery

COVID-19 has sent the world into the deepest global recession in almost a century. It has contributed to massive job losses across the economy and has highlighted the need for a comprehensive economic recovery plan. Given the concurrent climate crisis, we believe there is a great opportunity if not urgency to tackle both concerns by aligning economic investments needed for a post-COVID recovery with climate and sustainability objectives. Continue reading

Earth Day – our beautiful home

A Changed Earth Day for 2020

More than just Earth Day, today is the 50th anniversary of the grassroots movement inspired by the environmental crisis, already evident back in 1970. As much as 10% of the American population participated in grassroots events protesting environmental ignorance and demanding a new way forward. Though small and localized, to begin with,  they launched the modern environmental movement we know as Earth Day. It is now recognized as the planet’s largest civic event, engaging over a billion people each year. Continue reading

Why Green Reason Supports The Stop

Every holiday season, Green Reason makes a donation to this great neighbourhood organization.

We’ve had our home and business in the St. Clair West area for many years. A number of years ago we went to a cookie exchange baking event put on by a local group called The Stop Community Food Centre. During that afternoon we learned a lot about The Stop and it’s programs, and were very impressed Continue reading