720 Access Green Council Launch

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The launch of the Green Council represents the launch of a collaborative tenant engagement program developed by Green Reason. The goal of the council is to create dynamic conversations and impactful initiatives. Green Reason’s role as Program Facilitator and Sustainability Consultant assists in building a better partnership between building management and tenant representatives, creating opportunities for the management and tenants to work together to improve sustainability measures of the building.

Green Council


Green Reason facilitates campaigns with the Green Council to promote behavioural changes and incite tenant participation in waste diversion through recycling, and energy and water conservation. All help to reduce the impact of the building’s environmental footprint and improve the environmental quality of the workplace and the building as a whole.


720 King Street West has made great strides towards creating a healthier, greener building. The Green Council helps take it further by engaging tenants and their employees in environmental initiatives happening throughout the building. Integrating ideas, strategies and policies of both Triovest Realty Advisors and 720 Access tenants, fosters an educational and collaborative environment among the people who use the building every day.