Project Profile

TD Bank – Project SEED

Green Reason’s Role
Integrated Project Delivery Team Program and Project Management

Project SEED (Sustainable Energy Efficient Design) is the internal name for TD Bank’s new North American retail prototype branch. It is designed to represent TD’s commitment to the environment while enhancing their legendary customer experience. Core objectives of the program included a LEED® Gold certifiable, and Net Zero capable design that could be scaled and replicated across Canada on a fixed schedule and budget. The initial prototype was constructed in Mississauga, Ontario and the lessons learned from this test branch were then applied to the final design to be implemented across North America.

What Was Done
The project was delivered using an Integrated Project Delivery (IPD) method. This new form of contract creates a shared risk and reward model between the Owner, Contractor and Architect. As TD’s program managers, Green Reason was responsible for ensuring that the prototype design met these objectives while engaging and aligning over 80 stakeholders.

The initial test branch was designed to be Net Zero but encountered various project challenges and is now a test lab for validating the ability of the prototype design to achieve Net Zero status.

Key features of the prototype design include: 

  • Net Zero Energy Building: generating all required power within its own footprint
  • Uses rainwater from the roof to irrigate the community garden
  • 33% reduction in potable water use
  • Extensive natural light to reduce energy consumption and improve comfort
  • Test branch on track to achieve an energy cost savings of over 50% over the average of TD’s Canadian retail bank portfolio
  • Test branch generates approximately 4% of its required energy through building integrated photo-voltaic panels
  • Uses a geo-exchange heating and cooling system
  • Offsets 100% of its carbon via renewable energy purchases.
  • Diverted over 82% of on-site generated construction waste from landfill.
  • Individual lighting controls are provided to enable 100% of retail employees in office and administrative spaces to make adjustments to suit individual task needs and preferences
  • Thermal comfort controls are provided via the under floor air distribution system  to enable 77% of employees to make adjustments
  • Test branch used pre-fabricated roof and wall panels to reduce construction time  and improve energy performance