Project Profile


The Coca-Cola office at 333 King Street East, Toronto is the new location for the company headquarters. The 100,000 square foot office includes a dedicated reception area on the ground floor and three upper floors of innovative workspaces that include meeting and board rooms, private offices and an open workstation area. Reflecting the company’s Corporate Responsibility and Sustainability mandate, a variety of creative and flexible spaces are also provided to enhance and assist with creating a positive work environment.

Coca-Cola represents over 400 brands in 200 countries. In Canada, it operates in all provinces, employs 6,300 people in more than 50 facilities. For Coca-Cola, sustainability is a long-term commitment to partners and the communities it serves.

‘Live Positively’ is the company’s commitment to making a positive difference in the world such that sustainability is an integral part of business operations. It includes recognizing the world is more interconnected than ever before, requiring more collaboration and partnership. The seven elements of ‘Live Positively’ include: Active Lifestyles, Beverage Benefits, Climate, Community, Sustainable Packaging, Water Stewardship and Workplace.

Green Reason’s Role
LEED Consultants for the project, working with Coca-Cola and the design and construction teams to ensure the company’s commitment to sustainability was reflected in the finished space as well as documented to achieve the goal of LEED CI Silver certification.

What was done
Coca-Cola’s new headquarters was designed to embody all seven elements of ‘Live Positively’ in specific and measurable ways to create a new workplace for employees.

The following was accomplished:

  • Situated in a high density, walkable neighbourhood to encourage alternative and active forms of commuting, with amenities such as bike racks and showers provided.
  • A workplace design that reflects and supports healthier work styles.
  • Ultra low-flow plumbing fixtures to reduce water consumption.
  • Lighting system designed to reduce the power required to illuminate the space by 27% below the standard benchmark for office lighting design
  • Task lighting provided to provide flexible and healthy lighting levels for staff
  • Occupancy lighting sensors in offices, meeting rooms, corridors and staff lunchroom further reduce energy for lighting
  • Almost all office equipment and appliances, including beverage vending machines, are Energy Star rated to reduce plug load
  • Lighting consists of recyclable light bulbs with low mercury content
  • The HVAC system achieves energy savings with appropriate zoning and controls. The system addresses each solar exposure separately and allows for heating and cooling zones to be separated
  • The HVAC system is designed to maintain thermal comfort ranges that comply with ASHRAE 55-2004, which supports the productivity and well-being of the employees
  • To address ongoing sources of indoor air quality contamination, MERV 14 filters were installed on all AHUs after construction and before occupancy
  • Recycling stations located throughout the suite provide staff with easily accessible bins for diverting recyclables and organics
  • Over 90% of construction waste was diverted from landfill, including metal, drywall, cardboard, plastics and wood
  • New construction materials such as carpet, drywall, insulation and furniture were chosen to maximize recycled content
  • Features include furniture and art from recycled Coca-Cola beverage containers
  • Over 40% of construction materials and new furniture used on the project were manufactured in or near Southern Ontario which reduces the environmental impact of shipping long distances
  • To ensure a high level of indoor air quality, only low-VOC paints, primers, adhesives and urea formaldehyde-free wood products were used during construction
  • The carpets used in the space are Green Label Plus certified products
  • All systems furniture and task chairs are GreenGuard certified
  • An Indoor Air Quality Test was completed before staff moved in to confirm that measures implemented during construction successfully protected the indoor air quality

Results Speak for Themselves
Coca-Cola’s new location represents a creative re-purposing of the former Toronto Sun building, rejuvenating Toronto’s urban core while committing to higher quality and more accessible space for its employees. The project is certified Silver as a LEED® Canada – CI project.

What They are Saying
“This is a wonderful workplace and reuse of the Toronto Sun building. It’s a fabulous build-out of what we envisioned”  Pam McConnell, Toronto City Councillor

“It’s a place where employees can collaborate, learn, and grow,”  Nicola Kettlitz, President of Coca-Cola Ltd.