Green Buildings Should Be A Major Focus Of Canada’s Economic Recovery

Why Green Buildings Should Be A Major Focus Of Canada’s Economic Recovery

COVID-19 has sent the world into the deepest global recession in almost a century. It has contributed to massive job losses across the economy and has highlighted the need for a comprehensive economic recovery plan. Given the concurrent climate crisis, we believe there is a great opportunity if not urgency to tackle both concerns by aligning economic investments needed for a post-COVID recovery with climate and sustainability objectives. Continue reading

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How WELL Fits in… or Doesn’t With Other Building Standards

Over the last several years the building industry has seen several building standards evolve around sustainability goals. This is a wonderful thing, helping commercial buildings move towards a more sustainable future.

WELL is often included alongside LEED® and other construction-oriented sustainability goals in RFPs received by designers, architects and builders. While consideration for all goals are best included early as WELL strategies may affect how space is designed, WELL has a lot to do with how a business is operated in the space after its construction. Continue reading

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Behind the Scenes – Healthy Workplace Best Practices

When we founded Green Reason back in 2007, the focus of green building was very much on the physical property – reducing energy consumption, minimizing waste and sourcing sustainable materials during the building process, then fostering lower environmental impact once occupied. At one of those early meetings, one of our principals said ‘but what about the people?’ In years since we’ve continually reinforced to our clients that sustainability best practices must encompass the human experience. Continue reading