Green Reason’s own Deborah Byrne presented at this year’s CaGBC Conference, Building Lasting Change on Tuesday, June 3, 2014.



Joined by Keith Robertson, President of Solterre Inc. and John Carpenter, President of Clearstream Architectural, they each provided their insight into net-positive buildings by reviewing case studies, technologies and design approaches.

Deborah shared Green Reason’s philosophy on how smart design can lead to energy positive buildings and promote health and well being.  The various case studies examined how holistic environmental design creates low-energy built solutions, and as well, emphasized the similarities and differences between a Passive House, a Net-Positive House and Net-Ready Positive House. She also highlighted the pit falls, risks and market restrictions to these types of projects; presented solutions and options to market constraints, and reviewed the cost of construction and energy earning potential of net positive solutions.

If you want to know more about Green Reason’s holistic net positive solutions, we are pleased to provide a copy of the presentation, here.