Sustainability Consulting on The South Shore

The South Shore is a two-building condominium project being developed by Fortress Real Developments on the southern shore of Lake Simcoe. We will be consulting in their pursuit of LEED® green building certification.

Multi-unit residential buildings present unique challenges because you are constructing multiple individual units assembled in a single building. We need to consider how homeowners will interact with the features installed and how to balance the project’s overarching goals with the ability of occupants to control their own space and be comfortable in their home.

‘The site includes five acres of protected bird and nature lands, private docks off the Maskinonge River, and a private beach.’ Learn more.

Because the project is on the waterfront, a lot of effort is going into minimizing impact to the existing lake through both the design of the long term stormwater management systems and the erosion and sedimentation control measures being implemented during construction.

Watch for updates and photographs as this project unfolds.