Why Green Reason Supports The Stop

Every holiday season, Green Reason makes a donation to this great neighbourhood organization.

We’ve had our home and business in the St. Clair West area for many years. A number of years ago we went to a cookie exchange baking event put on by a local group called The Stop Community Food Centre. During that afternoon we learned a lot about The Stop and it’s programs, and were very impressed

It’s much more than a food bank. Around the neighbourhood they have gardens where they grow fresh vegetables. They encourage people who use their services to help in the gardens, kitchens, food bank. The Stop teaches people to take pride in growing their own food, how to cook and about good nutrition. It provides somewhere for people to find company and fosters a sense of community.

They’ve grown and expanded to include Wychwood Barns where they host many community events like the year round farmer’s market, What’s on the Table and many more.

We thought it was a wonderful idea. We have enjoyed watching the organization grow and attending events. We appreciate The Stop because they’re all about building a community where many contribute and all are included.

Particularly, The Community Action Program, which “empowers community members experiencing poverty and marginalization to challenge chronic income and food insecurity by facilitating stronger community support networks, raising political consciousness, and taking direct action.”

Happy holidays and all the best for the new year!