Green Reason at IIDEX

Is LEED Just a Game to Beat? IIDEX

It is becoming more common for project teams to treat the pursuit of LEED certification as a game. But in doing so, teams may be forgoing opportunities. With tenants and customers becoming more “green-savvy,” creating a coherent message behind your LEED scorecard, rather than simply choosing the lowest hanging fruit, could make a real difference in a marketplace where LEED-certified spaces are becoming more and more available.

Green Reason’s Alan Murphy and Tina Sutton, along with Antonio Santini from Red Studio Inc. Architects presented this seminar to help project owners and practitioners consider possibilities beyond “beating the system” in applying LEED to their next project. Offering examples of how LEED NC and LEED CI can support overall sustainability programs and align with the project owner’s values and brand; resulting in a competitive edge.